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Breathable Carbonized Mahjong Bamboo Mat

✐ Mahjong mat is a choice for infants, women, the elderly, and those with poor health. It is a good choice for gifts for relatives and friends.

✐ Bamboo Sleeping Mat, Made of high-quality materials, which are durable, and can withstand long-term use. Cool, smooth, not stick skin, good air permeability.

✐ Bamboo Mat for Bed, Foldable, convenient to store, can roll up, occupy little space.

✐ Foldable Sleeping Mat, A soft and breathable cooling mat promises you a sound sleep in summer.

✐ Storage method: After use in summer, wipe with warm water, dry in a cool place, do not expose to the sun, fold or roll up and store in a dry place, do not press hard with hard objects.

Product Description

-Material: bamboo and rattan, brown, classic design, using high-quality mature bamboo for more than 6 years.

-Craftsmanship: handmade, can lower body temperature and keep you comfortable during sleep.

-Features: Natural raw materials. Skin-friendly, comfortable, durable, non-fading, cool, foldable, portable, and easy to store.

-Suitable for the crowd: the elderly, children, suitable for all kinds of crowds in summer.

-Washing method: wipe with a wet towel, not exposed to the sun for a long time, folded or rolled for storage.

好运 (3)

Summer sleeping mats may not look fashionable, but they are good for your health. Sleep better every morning and feel refreshed and energetic after waking up. It has good permeability, never deforms, strong plasticity, warm in winter and cool in summer. You can sit on it and enjoy happy time.


80 * 190cm (35x75inch), 90 * 190cm (35x75inch),

100 * 190cm (39x75inch), 120 * 200cm (47x79inch),

150 * 195cm (59x79inch), 180 * 200cm (71x79inch),

200 * 200cm (85x85inch) 200*220cm (85x91inch)

The package includes: 1 *Summer sleeping pad

●Maintenance instructions:

1. The mat is a natural product, and there may be small pieces of bamboo. Please wipe it with a hot towel more than 3 times when you use it for the first time.

2. Clean, ventilate and dry the sleeping pad in summer. It is strictly forbidden to wash, scrub with hair, and do not expose it to the sun for a long time, so as not to make the bamboo fragile and aging. note:

Our summer mat is made of natural bamboo, so when you open the package, there will be a slight natural smell. You can put it in a ventilated place for about 12 hours, the smell will disappear slowly, and then use it again.

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