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Classic Mahjong Bamboo Mat

1). Feels Super Cooling as Soon as You Sleep on this Bamboo Mat in Hot Summer Days!

2). Stay Cool Through Whole Night!

3). Improve the sleep quality of people who are suffering from annoying sweating sleeping!

4). Save a ton of electricity bills of air conditioner in hot summer days!

5). Handmade by skilled craftsman in eco-friendly way!

6). Made of unique high quality 3-5 years old natural bamboo!

Product Description

1.Chunlong Bamboo Mat with 1.8 meters double mattress can be folded 1.8 Summer bamboo block Mahjong mat.

“Chunlong” brand direct sales by ourselves, and the goods direct shipped from factory. Shipping address is evidence.All goods are quality products.

2.When you choose the color and see“Color Classification”only have “Double Dichotomanthes lines”word, it means each row of the mat has two dichotomanthes. Others are made by traditional weave method, and the middle row just has one dichotomanth(Remark: If there is “Noble Gift”showed on the photo, that means it is double dichotomanthes lines mat.

3.Giving you a natural flavor healthy space.Mading by top quality grown-up mao bamboo.

4.Several times strict quality inspection,The main inspection is to select raw materials, semi-finished products, ingredients, finished products, storage and ect. Including the size, outward, formaldehyde content and so on. All is to ensure products good quality.

5.5 years grown-up mao bamboo epidermis,Bamboo blocks are 5 years grown-up mao bamboo epidermis, through high temperature carbonized, it becomes more strong and durable.The mat industry's smallest standard size is 15*25mm,more beautiful and functional. Bamboo blocks’ color bright, smooth surface.

6.Best dichotomanthes and fish tape lines.

Using the new soft-thick dichotomanthes lines, not easy aging, strong tensile strength, durable, high toughness. Durable fish tape lines, quality is more assurance.


Our factory located in the hometown of bamboo-Yiyang city, Chunlong Company has a great advantage on getting substantial high quality raw bamboo material. With 30 years production experience and the great working of all the 300 employees in our company, Chunlong group has grown into the biggest bamboo sleeping mats manufacturer in China and "Chunlong" brand has also become a famous brand in China.

Company Info

Bamboo Mat is a necessary summer housewares for most families since long time ago , so we are to export bamboo mats to overseas countries

Above all we will continue to strive for the trust of our customers,Sincerely hope we can cooperate with you in near future, we warmly welcome you to visit our company and hope to establish business relationships with you.

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