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Chunlong summer sofa cushion mahjong cushion cover kit cool mat non-slip full package full cover summer European style simple cool cushion

1). Feels Super Cooling as Soon as You Sleep on this Bamboo sofa cover in Hot Summer Days!

2). Stay Cool Through Whole Night!

3). Save a ton of electricity bills of air conditioner in hot summer days!

4). Handmade by skilled craftsman in eco-friendly way!

5). Made of unique high quality 3-5 years old natural bamboo!

Product Description
Brand: ChunlongFunction: Cool feeling, anti-slip, anti-wrinkle, anti-cat scratchMaterial: bamboo
Pattern: solid colorStyle: simple and modernPlace of origin: mainland China
Province: Hunan ProvinceCity: YiyangItem No.: clzy2014056
Listing year season: 2020 springApplication object: combination sofaStyle: cushion cloth type

We choose 3-5 years old of nan bamboo, The bamboo chip is carbonized, the surface is smooth, strong and durable,cool and comfortable in Summer.

Silicone particles non-slip bottom, heat dissipation and ventilation, fixed sofa does not shift

With 3cm hemming fabric ,Feature edging Fabric edging, simple and unique appearance

Double PVC wire between bamboo beads lines

The PVC wire is firm and durable, it has a long service life.

Please notice :No including the bamboo pillow case

Our factory located in the hometown of bamboo-Yiyang city, Chunlong Company has a great advantage on getting substantial high quality raw bamboo material. With 30 years production experience and the great working of all the 300 employees in our company, Chunlong group has grown into the biggest bamboo sleeping mats manufacturer in China and "Chunlong" brand has also become a famous brand in China.


Company Info

The history of Chunlong started in early 1990s, for more than 20 years, Chunlong has been making consistent investments into the highest quality and most innovative features to ensure that every bamboo sleeping mats we manufacturer delivers superior comfort and cooling.

Located in Taojiang county, which is one of the Top 10 bamboo villages in China, Chunlong Group has been manufacturing & selling bamboo sleeping mat, bamboo sofa cushion, bamboo pillow, car seat mat, etc. Since 1986. As the leading enterprises of bamboo mat industry in China, we have passed the international auditing of ISO 9001, and won a lot of honors, such as "Famous Trademark", "the Famous Products in Hunan Province", etc. To produce a high quality bamboo mat, Chunlong selected 5 years old natural bamboo as raw material. After the processes of cutting, baking, buffing, etc, the natural bamboo turned into small pieces without chemical additives, which would finally be hand weaved by skilled craftsman to become a qualified bamboo mat. It feels very cooling and comfortable to sleep or sit on a bamboo mat due to bamboo is a special natural plant which is cooling like jade, it would constantly absorb body heat and release the heat to air, also, the plenty of gaps on mats can contribute to enough airflow under human body. Using bamboo mats in hot summer days would not only makes people feel more cooling and comfortable but also helps to save a lot of electricity bills of air conditioner. Bamboo mat is a necessary summer housewares for most Chinese families since long time ago. Moreover, Chunlong Group have been exported bamboo mats to overseas countries for years, such as Korea, Singapore, Peru, Australia, USA, etc. ., and have a good reputation among consumers.

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