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Chunlong bamboo art: innovative carbonization process leading the bamboo industry e-commerce road

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Broken bamboo is renewed, and flying earth is driven by meat." From ancient times to the present, bamboo has played an important role in people's production life. Nowadays, bamboo processing industry has become an important industry in Hunan Province.

In 2018, the Hunan Provincial Forestry Department proposed to focus on developing Hunan oil tea, wood and bamboo processing, forest tourism and recreation, and forest economy industries, and focus on cultivating four 100 billion forestry industries.

In 2019, Hunan Province agricultural advantages and characteristics of the 100 billion industry project, mentioned to focus on the 100 billion industry construction goals, through the vegetables, tea, oil, fruit, aquatic products, Chinese herbal medicine, southern bamboo and other agricultural advantages and characteristics of the industry of small and medium-sized enterprises to cultivate guidance, leading enterprises to upgrade the quality of upscale, benchmark leading enterprises to create, the formation of a graded development of agricultural industrialization leading enterprise clusters, to promote the agricultural advantages and characteristics of the industry of the whole industrial chain Development.

Located in the north of central Hunan and at the tail end of Dongting, Taojiang has a bamboo forest area of 1.15 million mu, ranking first in Hunan Province, and has the reputation of "the hometown of Nanzhu". Green and green bamboo, pavilion. Bamboo not only grows fast, but also has a wide range of uses and renewable resources, which has a broad prospect of development and utilization. Taojiang is committed to doing a good job of "bamboo" article, leading the characteristics of the county economy. Among them, there is a strong bamboo industry processing team, led by Hunan Chunlong Bamboo Arts to promote.


College students return home to start a business to do a good "bamboo" article

"You can make food without meat, but not live without bamboo." This famous quote by Su Dongpo shows the importance of bamboo in people's life. And in the late 1990s, Taojiang, there is a college student working outside, understand this reasoning, aiming at the hometown of the bamboo sea, choose to resign to return home to start a business, in the hometown of Taohuajiang town Zhu Mu Tan village set up processing plant, mainly to do mahjong mat, this college student is the head of Hunan Province Chunlong Bamboo Arts Co.

The work is good, it is necessary to improve its tools. In the product excellence, but also need a suitable sales channel. Facing the bottleneck of the company's development, Chunlong Bamboo Art decided to solve the problem that a single sales channel limited the promotion of products. At the time of rapid development of the network, e-commerce began to rise, Chunlong bamboo art chose to "try to eat crabs", the product through the network platform, the external sales, the first to become Taojiang's first rural e-commerce enterprises. Once the products were promoted on Taobao and Jingdong platforms, they were highly appreciated by customers and sales skyrocketed.

In the e-commerce platform, after-sales service is the key. Chunlong Bamboo Art has set up a professional after-sales service department to ensure that problems reflected by consumers can be responded to within the first time and preliminary solutions can be given within 24 hours. At the same time to empower customer service personnel, the establishment of consumer protection rights earmark, within a certain amount to implement the "early payment".

More than ten years have passed, from Taobao to Tmall, then to Tmall International, Alibaba, Suning, Jingdong, etc., Chunlong bamboo products are exported to Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea, the United States, Australia and other places, with annual sales of up to more than 100 million. Since then, Chunlong Bamboo Art has become a famous "leading company" in Hunan bamboo mat industry, and its products are exported to overseas markets such as Australia, the United States, Korea and Japan.

During the period, Chunlong Bamboo Art also drives other bamboo mat industries to develop e-commerce brands together, and the e-commerce enterprises have grown rapidly from one to more than 300 now, with annual sales from hundreds of thousands to over 700 million, greatly promoting the good "bamboo" article.

In 2014, Taojiang County E-commerce Industry Association was established, and Liu Chunneng, the person in charge of Chunlong Bamboo Art, became the president of Taojiang County E-commerce Industry Association, promoting Chunlong Bamboo Art's mature production process, brand operation and market mechanism to small and medium-sized enterprises in Taojiang's bamboo mat industry for reference.

In 2015, Taojiang County was named a national comprehensive demonstration county of e-commerce into rural areas, and in 2016, Zhumutan Village, where Chunlong Bamboo Art started, was named the only "Taobao Village" in Hunan Province that year.


Industry environmental protection transformation carbonization process innovation

Good products will speak for themselves. As the leading benchmark of bamboo mats, Chunlong Bamboo Art is the first company in Yiyang City to apply for and obtain ISO9001 quality system certification in the mat industry. The production process of excellence has become an important treasure for the good reputation of Chunlong Bamboo Art products.

Green water and green mountains are the silver mountain of gold. With the development of the industry, Chunlong Bamboo Art gradually realized the importance of ecological and environmental protection and determined to transform the process.

The traditional steaming technology produces a lot of chemical waste water and waste materials in the production process, which is extremely harmful to the environment. After a long period of improvement, Chunlong Bamboo Art independently developed the characteristic technology of "environmental protection high temperature carbonization", which does not use traditional chemical substances such as dyeing agent and hydrogen peroxide, and greatly reduces the production of waste water and waste gas. Combined with environmental protection equipment ecological construction transformation and upgrading, using independent transformation of the "bamboo carbonization furnace" for natural bamboo baking processing, so that the natural color of bamboo pieces. After the process upgrade, the products produced by Chunlong Bamboo Art are not easy to mold, not easy to change color, while avoiding chemical contact, reducing pollution and effectively improving product quality.

"Burned with conscience, woven with true love." Is the enterprise development philosophy of Chunlong Bamboo Art. The priority of product quality has achieved 12 utility model patents, 10 appearance patents and 1 invention patent. From the environmental protection high temperature carbonization technology to the bamboo mat pillow cleaning technology, Chunlong Bamboo Art adopts automatic mechanization throughout the whole process.

In terms of quality control, there are professional quality inspectors who strictly follow the bamboo industry standard of bamboo mats for strict internal quality inspection; in terms of production process, there is an independent R & D team to deeply study the improvement of carbonization process. Chunlong Bamboo Art is double-pronged and double-headed, integrating bamboo products research and development, production and sales, and highly accomplishing the goal of product transformation. in 2019, Chunlong Bamboo Art's revenue is nearly 90 million yuan, and is expected to exceed 100 million yuan in 2020.

Not only that. In addition to its own product transformation and upgrading, Chunlong Bamboo Art also participated in the preparation of a new national standard for bamboo mats, which will be released in April 2020 to establish a benchmark for the bamboo mat industry.


After Liu Chunneng started his business, the neighborhood folks realized employment at home.

Enterprise has the responsibility to get rich and not forget the villagers

Nowadays, bamboo industry has been the first industry to promote "one county, one industry" in Taojiang County, the pillar industry for rural revitalization, the leading industry for agricultural transformation and upgrading, and the leading industry for farmers to get rich and increase their income.

In recent years, Taojiang County has also introduced "eight policy measures to support the development of bamboo industry" and "Taojiang County Bamboo Industry Development Five-Year Plan (2020-2024)" and other "hard core" initiatives to develop the county's bamboo industry, through the special bamboo industry poverty alleviation to lead the fight against poverty, the formation of scientific and perfect industrial poverty alleviation chain. As the bamboo industry e-commerce leader, as a representative enterprise of the pillar industry, Chunlong bamboo art keep the original intention, do not forget the villagers, take the lead for the villagers to pull out the "root of poverty" from the root, do a good job to get rid of poverty and get rich.

To help the poor, we must first "help technology" and "help industry". In recent years, Chunlong Bamboo Art has repeatedly held free training courses on weaving technology, and the participants can choose to stay at Chunlong Bamboo Art to work after learning, or they can choose to bring back bamboo pieces and other raw materials to weave, and then regularly collect them at home, so that poor people can add a more stable income while taking care of their farming duties at home.

In addition, Chunlong Bamboo Art also actively absorbs people with disabilities into employment and assigns skilled teachers to teach them one-on-one weaving skills. Up to now, the company has helped five disabled people to realize employment, with a monthly income of about 2,500 yuan. Li Xuefei, a poor household with disabilities in Zhumutan Village, works at Chunlong Bamboo Arts and earns more than 50,000 yuan a year.

Because of this corporate commitment, Chunlong Bamboo Art has been awarded the honorary titles of "Provincial Key Recommended Integrity Management Demonstration Unit", "Hunan Famous Brand Product" and "Hunan Famous Trademark". In 2018, Chunlong Bamboo Art was selected by the Department of Commerce as one of the "Top 100 Hunan Province Electricity Business Enterprises" in 2017-2018. 2019, the person in charge, Liu Chunneng, was named one of the 100 "2019 China Rural Electricity Business Leaders".

There are key actions to achieve breakthroughs and results in critical periods. Chunlong Bamboo Art is constantly innovating and practicing to write a new chapter of transformation and development of bamboo industry.

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