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Chunlong Bamboo Art Participates in the 2020 "Post and Reserve Bank Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship City Competition

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On the morning of August 12, 2020, the "Post and Reserve Bank Cup" 2020 Yiyang City and State Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, sponsored by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and guided by the Hunan Torch Entrepreneurship Center, kicked off at the Huatian Hotel.


With the theme of "Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dream of Yiyang", this competition builds a comprehensive service platform of "project collection, counseling and optimization, capital matching and promotion" for the innovation and entrepreneurship, fully explores good demonstration projects and supports the public to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. The organizers introduced the competition. The organizer introduced that the competition still adopts the on-site defense method, and the enterprises will decide the defense order by drawing lots, in the way of "8 minutes self-presentation + 7 minutes defense", and the participants will present their projects from 5 directions, such as technology and products, business model and implementation plan, industry and market, team and financial analysis, etc. through PPT and short film. Introduction of project characteristics.


 As one of the participants, Chunlong Bamboo Art fully recognizes that the steaming process has been outlawed and uses a high-temperature carbonization oven to bake bamboo slices, which excludes traditional chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and dye in the production process to make the bamboo slices naturally colored. The products produced by this process are not easy to be moldy and not easy to be discolored, which effectively improves the quality of the products and is conducive to the increase of the storage volume and sales. At the same time, Chunlong Bamboo Art uses automatic equipment for cleaning bamboo mat pillow pieces, and uses carbonization color measuring instrument to reduce the color difference between different batches of seed pieces in the carbonization process. In the first half of the year, Chunlong Bamboo Art participated in the preparation of a new national standard for bamboo mats, setting a benchmark for the mat industry.


 Chunlong Bamboo Art focuses on building a digital Internet platform for the bamboo mat industry, which is "ecological brand gathering + ERP enterprise resource integration system + B2B/B2C multi-channel promotion". Through product upgrading, multi-channel e-commerce platform and introduction of relevant talents to realize brand incubation and industrial restructuring, the company achieved sales revenue of 155 million in 2018 and 2019, and net profit of 6.92 million in 19 years.

   There are 139 enterprises in the city participated, after fierce competition, of which 56 projects are intended to advance to the provincial competition, and Chunlong Bamboo Art won the first place in the group.

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