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Chunneng: the "leader" of the bamboo mat industry brings "golden rice bowls" to poor households

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Liu Chunneng, a member of the 9th CPPCC, is the first person who dares to eat "crabs" in Taojiang's e-commerce industry. He makes bamboo mats, sofa kits and other home furnishings through online stores and sells them at home and abroad; he helps the poor and gives back to the society by providing training for local poor households in preparation skills and employment opportunities, leading the masses to He helps the poor and the community by training local poor families in the art of making bamboo mats, providing employment opportunities and leading them out of poverty.

In 1998, Liu Chunneng, who had been working outside for many years, saw the business opportunity and went home to do bamboo mat processing. In 2013, Liu Chunneng founded Taojiang County Chunlong Bamboo Art Co.


In those two years, the rapid development of the network, e-commerce began to rise, how to make the business bigger and stronger, Liu Chunneng chose to be the first to "eat crabs". He put his products through the network platform to sell to the public. Unexpectedly, the company's products were very popular with customers, and sales skyrocketed.

In just a few years, Chunlong Bamboo Art became a famous "leading company" in the bamboo mat industry in Hunan. Liu Chunneng, who has successfully transformed himself, has actively led other bamboo mat processing enterprises to "go online for sales", so that the traditional bamboo mats of Taojiang can be sold to the whole country and even the world through the Internet, and enter thousands of households.


Liu Chunneng, who has a successful career, has never forgotten the folks who silently supported his business. He actively responded to the call for precise poverty alleviation, and put the important position of driving the poor people to get rich. In recent years, the company has cooperated with the county women's federation six times to organize poor women to learn knitting skills for free.

After receiving training, the poor people can not only engage in weaving work in Liu Chunneng's factory, but also bring bamboo pieces and other raw materials back home for weaving, and the company then collects finished products at home regularly. It gives them more freedom and flexibility in their working hours. In addition, Chunlong Bamboo Art also actively provides jobs for people with disabilities and assigns skilled teachers to teach them one-on-one weaving skills, actively absorbing people with disabilities into employment. Up to now, the company has helped 5 disabled people to realize employment.


Liu Chunneng said that at present, the state encourages the innovative development of enterprises and vigorously promotes the transformation of traditional enterprises to green and environmentally friendly enterprises, and he also hopes that through his own efforts, he can promote the green development of Taojiang's bamboo mat industry.

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