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Flood of visitors invited to the 2017 Taizhou Cooler Exhibition

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As a highly influential professional exhibition in China's houseware industry, after four sessions of refinement, the 5th China (Taizhou) Summer Houseware Exhibition and National Cool Mat Products Trade Fair, with its high-quality professional exhibitors and the most characteristic exhibition areas of various industries, will be held grandly at Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on February 14 -16, 2017 (the 18th day of the first month of the lunar calendar). 

     The organizing committee will adhere to the professional, dedicated and efficient service concept to organize large-scale high-quality professional visitors for the exhibitors of the 5th Taizhou Cool Mat Fair and provide convenient and professional services, so that exhibitors and visitors can make full use of the platform of Taizhou Cool Mat Fair to promote cooperation and communication between the two sides.


     The latest technology, the latest process, the most optimal packaging and equipment and the most complete solutions of the whole industry chain that the 5th Taizhou Cool Fair will show to the industry professionals will surely further promote the industry to a better direction.

     It is reported that the organizing committee has made and adopted a detailed organization plan for the audience invitation work and started immediately. The audience invitation work of the 5th Taizhou Cool Fair strives to invite more professional visitors from inside and outside the industry to visit the site on the basis of high quality and professionalism and scale.


     The organizing committee will continue to carry out the original invitation method and carry out more refined management and operation. Continue to invite industry wholesalers, department store supermarkets, and company managers for 1-to-1 telephone follow-up; continue to invite potential professional visitors by telephone, fax, email, and information mail; continue to organize and carry out group visit invitations for large markets, local associations, and e-commerce sellers.

    We look forward to meeting you at the 5th China (Taizhou) Summer Housewares Show.

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