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Good news! Chunlong Bamboo Art won the bid of army procurement bamboo mat

Time : 2020-09-21 Hits : 8

 The defense materiel supply system is an important aspect of national defense construction, and military procurement, as an important component of the defense materiel supply system, is directly related to the ability of the military to provide public goods - national defense. Military procurement refers to the system in which military organs are the main body, using national public funds - military expenditures, to obtain defense equipment, materiel, works and services by concluding procurement contracts with subjects of private law in the market is the military procurement system. Its essence is a public expenditure behavior using national public funds, which is public in nature; its purpose is the introduction of the market competition system into the field of national public power, through competition to improve the efficiency of the use of national public funds, improve the efficiency of military procurement management activities, and its goal is to improve the ability of the military to perform national defense functions.

As a leading enterprise of forestry industry in Hunan Province, Chunlong Bamboo Art responded positively to the military procurement and won the bid under the leadership of Mr. Liu Chunneng, the chairman of the board, which not only improved the visibility of the enterprise but also enhanced the credibility of the enterprise.


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