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Have you counted the benefits of sleeping on a cooler?

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Many people say that they do not sleep on a cool mat in summer anymore, and some say that they have never slept on one. Because many people's understanding of the mat only stays in the traditional rough bamboo mat straw mat, but do not know the original mat product variety, chic patterns.

Every summer day that you don't sleep on a mat is a disappointment to life.

Come on, for those who do not like to sleep on the mat, the benefits of sleeping on the mat: 1.

1. Cool and sleepy, good health

This is the most basic function of the mat, now the mat material can be described as a variety of, from the traditional bamboo, rattan, grass and wood, to the popular ice silk mat, cowhide mat, hemp mat, etc., can be said to be a wide range. Some also have a cool feeling, anti-mosquito, anti-mold, health and other functions, to solve a lot of summer sleep woes. You say, is it bad to sleep on a cool mat?


2. Energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection

Now that air conditioning is popular, many young people like to open the air conditioner from morning to night, not knowing that the excessive use of air conditioning indirectly caused the exacerbation of the global greenhouse effect, which is also the reason why the urban temperature in many cities in the summer is several degrees higher than the suburbs. The use of a cool mat, you can effectively cool down, with the use of air conditioning and fans, do not have to open the air conditioning for a long time, the temperature does not have to be set too low, naturally, energy saving and emission reduction. You say, is it great to sleep on a cool mat?


3. A place to show your identity

Seat, representing the ritual, has a cultural connotation since ancient times. In ancient times, there was a hierarchy of seats used by the ruler, ministers and people to sit and lie down. In the Han Dynasty, Jia Yi's "Over the Qin" said, "There is the intention of sweeping the world, encompassing the universe, encompassing the four seas, and swallowing the eight parties." What kind of identity is this to have such dominance? You say, sleeping on a cool mat is not very cool?


4. to attract wealth and calm the house, the summer custom

The mat also represents happiness, and there is a saying that "there is a mat at home, the mat comes to happiness". The mat is not only a household item, but also a symbol of good fortune and happiness, and it has become a gift between friends, so it is a gift of happiness. You say, sleeping on a cool mat is not very happy?


5. Passing down the culture, a thousand years of fame

Seat culture, one of the most prominent representatives of traditional Chinese culture, represents the culture of peace, ritual, joy, family culture, the development of the great five thousand years of Chinese civilization, the culture of the seat throughout it, the transmission of the immortal Chinese civilization, China's sweep the world. You say, sleeping on a cool mat is not very awesome?

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