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How to clean various coolers

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Bamboo mat: Nowadays, bamboo mats are mostly double-sided mats, which should not be cleaned directly with water, wiped with a wet towel, not put under the sun to avoid becoming brittle and cracking, and placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry. When storing, you can wipe the surface of the mat with a wet towel with some flower dew water, dry it thoroughly in a ventilated place, put it in the original package and store it in a cool and dry place. To prevent insects, you can also put mothballs inside the package.
 Ice silk mat: (non-woven bottom) is not washable, when using on weekdays, you can wipe it with a wet towel, note that you cannot rub it to avoid damaging the texture of the mat and producing wrinkles. When storing, hang to dry with a low-temperature bowtie, then fold and place. Ice silk mat (compound sandwich bottom) is not recommended to be washed, the surface is wrinkled and feels worse after washing. It is recommended to wipe with a damp towel and dry in a ventilated place.
 Washing ice silk mat: you can machine wash, machine wash gently, after washing can be dried in a ventilated and dry place, it is best not to expose to the sun for a long time.
   If there are creases in the ice silk mat, you can use an iron to iron, and the iron mode is recommended to be adjusted to chemical fiber mode, so that the temperature is not too high to iron the bad surface  Rattan mat is divided into natural rattan mat (material is natural rattan) and regenerated fiber rattan mat (material is regenerated cellulose fiber). Natural rattan includes wild mountain rattan mat, Indonesian rattan mat, etc. If there is no composite on the back, it can be rinsed with water and cannot be wiped with chemical detergent, if there is a composite on the back, a wet towel can be used to wipe the mat surface, wipe it clean and put it in a cool place to dry, not to be exposed to the sun.
   Regenerated fiber rattan mat, through the deep processing of raw materials again, the quality of softness and temperature, can not be cleaned with water immersion, wipe clean with a semi-dry towel, dry and can be rolled up and bagged for storage or laid flat under the mattress for storage.
Linen mat: before washing, it is best to soak in warm water at 30℃~40℃ for 10 minutes, do not wring when washing by hand, dry naturally after leveling, and iron the back at high temperature when drying to 80%, so it will be more flat and smooth. Linen mat can be machine washed, you can also use laundry detergent, with a fully automatic washing machine, adjust to the cotton and linen washing mode can be. Try not to use machine dehydration to prevent the mat from deformation.
Bamboo fiber mat: can be washed or dry-cleaned, dry-cleaning effect is better; water temperature does not exceed 35 ℃, warm water washing, before washing can be soaked in warm water for 10 minutes; can also use the washing machine weak washing, try not to contact acid, alkali or other chemical ingredients; after washing, placed in a well-ventilated cool place natural air dry, air dry to 80% can be low temperature ironing, which will be more flat and smooth.
 Cowhide mat: can not be exposed to the sun, if you need to remove dirt, wipe with clean water cloth, ventilated place to dry. Usually use attention to prevent sharp objects from scratching the surface of the mat. Cowhide mat is breathable and can be stored directly under the mattress. General cowhide mat after a special process, not easy to insects, mold.

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