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Hunan Good People Candidate] Yiyang businessman's years of honesty and integrity of the small workshop into the province's top 100 e-commerce enterprises

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Liu Chuneng, a native of Taojiang County, Hunan Province, started his own business in 2000, engaging in the production and sale of mahjong mats. Over the years, he insisted on integrity management, so that Chunlong Bamboo Art has been growing from a small family workshop, and successively won the "Provincial Key Recommended Integrity Management Demonstration Unit", "Hunan Famous Brand Product", "Hunan Province Famous Trademark" and other honors, and on November 28, 2015 in the Shanghai Equity Trust and Exchange Center Q plate successfully listed on the stock code 208403. 2018, with the excellent product quality and honest and trustworthy brand reputation, the company passed the Central Military Commission Logistics Support Department of the layers of assessment, became the industry's first military procurement network designated summer cooler supplies supplier. In the same year, the company was also selected by the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce as one of the "Top 100 E-commerce Enterprises in Hunan Province" in 2017-2018.


Honors did not make Liu Chuneng dare to have a slack, on the contrary, he often said, do business as a person, must abide by the principle, never forget the original intention. 2009, Liu Chuneng led the company began to enter the field of e-commerce sales.

He established several guidelines to ensure that the company in the integrity of the road without the slightest deviation.

First, adhere to the integrity-based, strict control of product quality. He was the first in the Yiyang cooler industry to apply for and obtain ISO9001 quality system certification. In the production process, he strives for excellence, eliminating the old-fashioned steaming process, research and development using the new carbon baking technology, the production process no longer add coloring agents preservatives and other chemical agents, truly "burned with conscience, melting the true feelings of the weaving". In terms of quality control, he has equipped the company with professional quality inspectors to control each production process in strict accordance with the industry standard of bamboo mats. From raw materials to semi-finished products, finished products and final packaging out of the warehouse, the products have gone through four strict internal quality inspection, at the same time, the products are regularly sent to professional testing organizations for quality control every year, trying to ensure that every consumer can enjoy the quality of summer cool products.

Second, the establishment of a professional after-sales department to improve the after-sales system. Liu Chunneng set up a professional after-sales rights department in the company, in human and material resources and financial resources to increase investment, the establishment of a modern consumer rights system, consumer complaints, regardless of the size of the problem, can be actively and properly resolved. In 2017 alone, the department mediated more than 50 successful consumer disputes. At present, the department has 5 computers, 1 after-sales line phone, 1 chairman's hotline in hardware configuration, equipped with 5 professional after-sales customer service, 1 after-sales supervisor and 1 after-sales manager, who is under the direct leadership of the chairman of the board. Customer service personnel dedicated, timely response to ensure that any consumer issues can immediately get a positive response, and within 24 hours to give a preliminary solution.

Thirdly, he serves consumers with sincerity and solves after-sales problems creatively. First of all, he set up a consumer rights fund in the company, the implementation of the "first pay" system. The company every year in the annual capital plan, a special allocation of 200,000 yuan for the use of consumer rights. The credit limit of the customer service first payout is 1,000 yuan, the supervisor is 5,000 yuan, and the manager is 10,000 yuan. For example, in June 2017, Mr. Zhang from Guangzhou customized 1 whole set of bamboo sofa cushions in Chunlong's Tmall flagship store. Upon arrival, it was found that the bamboo pieces had a large area of fading and whitening, which seriously affected the aesthetics and use, and the consumer requested a full refund of RMB 1,200. The company customer service personnel in the receipt of this complaint, judgment for the courier on the way to soak caused by the courier company immediately after contacting the courier company, the courier company only agreed to compensate 500 yuan. In order to appease the consumer's emotions as soon as possible to avoid further expansion of the situation, customer service immediately reported the situation to the supervisor, the supervisor of the company according to the system of first payment, immediately decided to pay the customer 1200 yuan, followed by another and the courier company to negotiate the relevant compensation matters.

At the same time, Liu Chunneng also creatively proposed a 30-day no reason to return the system. General e-commerce platform is generally practiced 7 days no reason to return, and his implementation of 30 days no reason to return the system, on the one hand, in order to let consumers really buy assured that there is no worry in shopping, on the other hand, is also due to the quality of the product is also brought about by the confidence of the hard quality of the product. 2017, the company received and handled a total of 23 "30-day return without reason "Matters, basically due to the size of the product, the color of the wrong choice, or want to exchange other different styles of products.

And, Liu Chuneng also asked the company to sell all products to implement a lifetime warranty system. All products sold by Chunlong Bamboo Art are unconditionally covered by a lifetime warranty. Consumers in the company to buy the cooler, the use of the process of natural wear and tear off the seed piece, regardless of the length of time of purchase, the company to give free mailing repair seed piece warranty, or consumers can also choose to send the product back to the factory to repair free of charge. 2017 to deal with such after-sales matters of about 15.

While running the business, Liu Chunneng always remembers to contribute more to the society. He was born in a small village in Taohuajiang Township, where for many years, villagers made a living by farming and lacked effective economic sources. In order to improve this situation, in 2013, Liu Chuneng in Chunlong Bamboo Art factory established the first mahjong mat weaving craft learning demonstration base in Yiyang City, and with the cooperation of the surrounding village committees, each year, regularly organizing interested villagers to come to the company free of charge to learn the craft of weaving. Once through the examination, you can sign an agreement, in the Chunlong Bamboo Art Company on the job or by Chunlong is responsible for recommending to other neighboring mats factory. At present, the total number of villagers who came to participate in the training to learn the craft of weaving has exceeded three thousand times. The villagers said that there was no source of income, and after receiving training to enter the Chunlong factory, on the one hand, they can take care of the farm work, on the other hand, they can have a stable income, and their lives are getting better and better. Especially for the poor people who have some physical disabilities but can still work with their hands, they have gone from having almost no income for the whole year to being able to earn their own living with a monthly income of about 2,000 RMB. At the same time, for family reasons or other special reasons can not go to the factory to work full-time, only part-time at home weaving mahjong mat poor people, Liu Chun can understand the situation, and they signed a one-to-one cooperation agreement. The company regularly comes to provide raw material bamboo sheets, which are handed over to this part of the poor people to weave at home. After the completion of the weaving, and then by the factory technicians home acceptance, and piecework payment of labor remuneration. This initiative maximizes the solution to the income problem of this part of the population. Through hand-woven mahjong mats at home, a large number of poor people in rural areas from the original almost no income to the current monthly income of more than a thousand dollars, basically get rid of the poverty situation.

"To keep the world with quality, to win the world in good faith," has always been Liu Chun can abide by the business philosophy, it is under the guidance of this idea, to make Chunlong Bamboo Art from a small family workshop continues to grow and become a leading enterprise in the mahjong mat industry.

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