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Liu Chunneng: Taojiang rural electric business leader goose to be the spokesman for poverty alleviation and prosperity

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 Liu Chunneng was invited to participate in the Fourth China Rural E-Commerce Conference.


Liu Chunneng was checking the working documents.


Liu Chunneng was awarded the title of "2019 China Rural Electricity Business Leader for the Wealthy".


After Liu Chunneng started his business, people in Zhumutan village achieved employment at home.

Red Network reporter Liu Huiting correspondent Yin Yunyu Yiyang report

In 2000, 2008 and 2019, these three points in time are special for Liu Chunneng, the president of the Taojiang County E-commerce Industry Association.

In 2000, as a college student who came out of home, Liu Chunneng remembered the bamboo sea in his hometown and returned to his hometown to start a bamboo product production and sales business.

In 2008, with the rise of Taobao, Liu Chunneng transformed into the first person to eat crabs in the field of e-commerce in Taojiang, the company's products in Taobao promotion, the company's output value has grown year after year, the highest breakthrough billion.

In 2019, Liu Chunneng was ranked among the 100 "2019 China Rural Electricity Wealthy Leaders", as the only Yiyang City won this award of e-commerce entrepreneurs, he was invited to participate in the Fourth China Rural E-Commerce Conference on October 17, and accept the award.

Returning to his hometown to start a new business and introduce new ideas

At the end of the 1990s, as a college student who came out of his home, Liu Chunneng, who was working outside, accumulated sufficient marketing experience and management ability. After learning about his brother Liu Chunqiu's bamboo products, Liu Chunneng's keen business sense made him realize that the bamboo sea in his hometown was the "real gold".

So, Liu Chunneng quit his job and returned to his hometown Zhu Mu Tan village to start his own business, and set up Hunan Chunlong Bamboo Art Co.

Everything from scratch, facing the new contact with a new field, Liu Chunneng gradually figured out the manufacturing process of bamboo products, familiar with each link, check all the small details, in order to make a good product to satisfy consumers.

Good products are good, Liu Chunneng's company development is still into a bottleneck. A single sales channel has limited the promotion of the product. At this point, Liu Chunneng's experience in network marketing and contact with the e-commerce industry played a decisive role in the fight outside. "Offline can not go out, then I will go online! As long as the product is good, it can work!" So, Liu Chunneng decided to promote the company's products on Taobao, open a store on the shelves, all go online sales, taking the lead in becoming Taojiang's first rural e-commerce enterprises.

In the e-commerce platform, after-sales service is the key. In order to establish the brand image, Liu Chunneng first set up a professional after-sales service department, to ensure that the problems reflected by consumers can be responded to within the first time, within 24 hours to give a preliminary solution. Liu Chunneng also empowered the customer service staff to implement the "early payment" within a certain amount. The company deliberately took out 200,000 yuan for this purpose as a special fund for consumer protection.

Not only that, Liu Chunneng also creatively proposed a "30-day no-excuses return". "This is my single-handed operation out of the product, I have the confidence to let consumers rest assured! 30 days no reason to return is my bottom line!" This is his heart.

Under Liu Chunneng's insistence on making the best products, the reputation of Chunlong Bamboo Art has been steadily rising, and it has become the first bamboo industry enterprise in Yiyang City to apply for and obtain ISO9001 quality system certification, and its main product, carbonized mat, is ecologically friendly and does not contain preservatives, dyeing agents and other chemicals, truly "burned with conscience and woven with true love". The main product is carbonized mat.

In the days when Liu Chunneng kept his heart, Chunlong Bamboo Art has been awarded the title of "Provincial Key Recommended Integrity Management Demonstration Unit", "Hunan Famous Brand Product", "Hunan Famous Trademark" and so on. In 2018, Chunlong Bamboo Arts was selected by the Department of Commerce as one of the "Top 100 Hunan Province E-Commerce Enterprises" in 2017-2018. This year, Liu Chunneng was also named the most beautiful consumer protection figure in Hunan Province.

Poverty alleviation and enrichment, a new pace

More than ten years have passed, from Taobao to Tmall, then to Tmall International, Alibaba, Suning, Jingdong, etc. Chunlong bamboo products are exported to Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea, the United States, Australia and other places, with annual sales of up to 100 million.

Since then, Chunlong Bamboo Art has become a famous "leading company" in Hunan bamboo mat industry. The successful transformation of Liu Chunneng did not stop at the front, but actively led other bamboo mat processing enterprises in his hometown to "go online for sales".

In 2014, Taojiang E-commerce Industry Association was established, and Liu Chunneng became the president of Taojiang County E-commerce Industry Association. At this time, Liu Chunneng's focus was not on the development of his own company, but on the expansion of the bamboo industry and e-commerce industry in his hometown. Taojiang County bamboo mat industry association secretary-general Ding Hu said, Chunlong bamboo art has a mature production process, brand operation and market mechanism, which is undoubtedly a blessing for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Taojiang bamboo mat industry.

Liu Chunneng said, at present, the state encourages the innovative development of enterprises and vigorously promotes the transformation of traditional enterprises to green and environmentally friendly enterprises, and he also hopes to promote the green development of Taojiang's bamboo mat industry through his own efforts.

Driven by Liu Chunneng, the whole bamboo mat industry in Taojiang has seen a great development, with hundreds of e-commerce enterprises from one to hundreds today, developing very fast and annual sales from hundreds of thousands to nearly 800 million now.

In 2015, Taojiang was named the national comprehensive demonstration county of e-commerce into rural areas, in 2016, Taohuajiang town Zhumutan village was named the only "Taobao village" in Hunan Province that year.

Not only that, Liu Chunneng also actively respond to the call for precise poverty alleviation, to drive the poor people to get rich in an important position. In recent years, Chunlong Bamboo Art has cooperated with the Women's Federation of Taojiang County six times to organize poor women to learn weaving skills for free.

After receiving training, poor people can not only engage in weaving work in Liu Chunneng's factory, but also bring bamboo pieces and other raw materials back home for weaving, and the company then regularly collects finished products at home. This gives them more freedom and flexibility in their working hours.

In addition, Chunlong Bamboo Art also actively provides jobs for people with disabilities, and assigns skilled teachers to teach them one-on-one weaving skills, and actively absorbs people with disabilities into employment. Up to now, the company has helped five disabled people to realize employment.

Local poor household Li Xuefei husband and wife with disabilities, coupled with the age of the older, employment difficulties, now, the couple in the Chunlong bamboo art peacefully for several years, can earn 50,000 to 60,000 yuan a year.

On October 17, Liu Chunneng was invited to participate in the Fourth China Rural E-Commerce Conference and was listed among the 100 "2019 China Rural E-Commerce Wealthy Leaders", as the only e-commerce entrepreneur in Yiyang City to receive this award, Liu Chunneng said that this is an honor and also a motivation to make the business bigger and stronger in the future, to contribute to the development of rural e-commerce. He said he would make greater contributions to the development of rural e-commerce.

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