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Many bamboo enterprises in Taohuajiang Town are busy resuming work

Time : 2020-02-28 Hits : 11

Danyang client (correspondent Gao Chao) "Please line up to take body temperature and receive masks." On the morning of February 26, at the entrance of Hunan Chunlong Bamboo Art Co., Ltd. in Taohwajiang Town, Taohwajiang County, a long line of employees ready to start work slowly formed, and everyone had to take their body temperature before they could enter the factory to start work.


In the mat workshop of Chunlong Bamboo Art, workers are working seriously at their respective posts. The factory regularly arranges personnel to disinfect the workplace to provide a safe and healthy working environment for the employees who resume work. The epidemic prevention liaison officers sent by the county government are on duty around the clock to supervise and guide the enterprises to implement various epidemic prevention and control measures. "At present, the rate of resumption of work has reached 80%, and production capacity has basically resumed." Liu Chunneng, head of Chunlong Bamboo Arts, said that under the epidemic, the supply of raw materials and labor costs have been affected, but it is still not yet the peak season for sales of cool mats, and with the increase in the number of enterprises resuming work and the expansion of e-commerce business, sales this year are still expected to grow compared to last year.

It is understood that in 2019, Taohuajiang Town above-scale bamboo processing enterprises achieved an output value of 1.53 billion yuan, with strong growth in the bamboo industry. At present, the town's three above-scale bamboo processing enterprises have resumed work, the next step in the premise of ensuring good prevention and control of the epidemic, will continue to consolidate and strengthen the Taohuajiang bamboo mat processing concentration area, maximize the use of local bamboo resources and labor, the development of high value-added new products, and strive to implement the "online store + physical store" model to promote the bamboo We will continue to consolidate and strengthen the bamboo mat processing zone, maximize the use of local bamboo resources and labor, develop new high value-added products, implement the model of "online shop + physical shop", promote the optimization and upgrading of bamboo industry structure, and strive to realize large-scale, branded and diversified operation.

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