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Peking University Guanghua School of Management came to Chunlong Bamboo Arts to carry out research on the "Fertile Ground Program" project

Time : 2020-08-06 Hits : 7

On the morning of August 6, Prof. Fu Guoqun, Director of Marketing Department of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, and his delegation came to Chunlong Bamboo Arts to carry out research on the "Fertile Ground Project", accompanied by Liu Yang, General Manager of Chunlong Bamboo Arts. This research and practice is an effective initiative for Yiyang City and Guanghua School of Management of Peking University to deepen school-to-school cooperation and understand the development of bamboo mat industry.


Professor Fu Guoqun and his delegation first visited the seed selection workshop of Chunlong Bamboo Art. From the selection of raw bamboo to polishing, Chunlong Bamboo Art uses high-temperature carbon firing technology to replace the traditional boiling method, which is not only environmentally friendly but also skin-friendly.


Prof. Fu Guoqun and his party went to the weaving workshop. The workers are usually villagers from Zhumutan, who are always at home without stable income, and Chunlong Bamboo Art actively responds to the call of poverty alleviation and puts the importance of driving the poor people to get rich. After receiving training, the poor people can not only engage in weaving work in the Chunlong Bamboo Arts factory, but also bring bamboo pieces and other raw materials back home for weaving, and the company then collects finished products at home on a regular basis. This gives them more freedom and flexibility in their working hours. In addition, Chunlong Bamboo Art also actively provides jobs for people with disabilities and assigns skilled teachers to teach them one-on-one weaving skills, actively absorbing people with disabilities into employment. Up to now, the company has helped 5 disabled people to realize employment.

 Professor Fu Guoqun and his party learned about the technology of the edging workshop. The edging is inseparable from the design, and a variety of cool mat lace styles are loved by consumers.


After that, Prof. Fu Guoqun and his party came to the packing workshop of Chunlong Bamboo Art. The sale of the mats is often inseparable from the packaging, and each package is a billboard that can enhance the value of Chunlong's brand.


Professor Fu Guoqun and his team came to the sample room of Chunlong Bamboo Art, discussed the main sales methods of Chunlong Bamboo Art and the direction of future development, gave some guidance on the odor problem of the mats, and hoped that Chunlong Bamboo Art would make greater achievements in the future.

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