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Remembering the dying bamboo mat craft

Time : 2019-12-28 Hits : 14

  "When you get older, you stay at home and weave bamboo mats, and you can earn 20,000 to 30,000 a year. The traditional craft is about to be lost ......," said Yang Zhengmo and Yao Tongxiu, a couple from Shuixing Village in Dazu District's Sanxai Town.
   Recently, the reporter came to their home to interview, as soon as they entered the door, saw the couple one in the scratch gabions, one in the preparation of bamboo mat. "The second layer is called 'two yellow', and the quality of the mat made of this material is not very good, so the price is low, and the third layer is 'three yellow', The third layer is 'three yellows', which is made of poor material and is directly discarded."
   "We have been making bamboo mats for decades, and we have not lost them!" Yang Zhengmo, 60, said the town has been making bamboo mats for nearly 100 years, and in the 1970s and 1980s, almost every family in the village made bamboo mats, which was the main source of income for everyone. He used a wooden knife to cut the gabions, while telling reporters, "Look, this bed of one meter eight gabions bamboo mat, a person from beginning to end to work for three days to complete, a bed sold 260 yuan, can earn about 200 yuan."
   "Last month, I sold seven bamboo mats." Yao Tongxiu's slightly rough hands will be a bamboo gabion skillfully and deftly aligned, woven. Now, she says, there are often dealers who buy bamboo mats at home, and they themselves occasionally bring two beds to sell when they are in a hurry. "Although there are more and more varieties of mats on the market now, but this handmade bamboo mats feel good, sleep cool, the price is also affordable, there are still many people like."
   In the past few years, the old couple's 2 mu of land has been rented out, and they spend their days "full-time" knitting bamboo mats. "Now most of the young people in the village go out to work, many of the old people left behind are too much work, not much money, give up this traditional craft, like us still persist in a handful of!" The old couple said with a helpless face, "Maybe in a few years, we are old, can not weave, will also be 'laid off', but now can not lose, hope to pass on this craft."

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