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Report on the formation of an e-commerce industry association in Taojiang County

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 On the morning of December 25, Taojiang County E-commerce Industry Association was officially established.
The responsible comrades of Yiyang City Bureau of Commerce, Wu Xiaoling, vice chairman of the county CPPCC and chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, the responsible comrades of commerce, civil affairs, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, human resources and other departments and more than 50 members of the association witnessed the establishment of Taojiang County E-commerce Industry Association.
At present, there are more than 20 e-commerce enterprises in Taojiang County, more than 30 individual e-commerce households, and the number of e-commerce practitioners reaches more than 1,200. 12 existing logistics enterprises are stationed in the county, and the annual e-commerce sales are expected to reach 300 million yuan in 2014, with the initial formation of an e-commerce model focusing on the sale of bamboo mats, clothing, black tea and special agricultural products.
Taojiang specialties are famous overseas, in order to achieve the goal of complementary advantages, resource sharing, promoting industry exchanges and common development, since August this year, the Taojiang County E-commerce Industry Association was established to prepare for the working group, the preparatory group in accordance with the "Regulations on the Registration and Management of Social Organizations" and other relevant requirements, study and learn from the successful experience and practices of other brother associations, in the establishment of the General Assembly, the Association was considered and adopted the "Constitution" and the Dues management methods", and elected the president, executive vice president, vice president, secretary-general, executive directors and directors of the new council.
At the meeting, the Secretary of the County Business Bureau and the Chairman of the County Federation of Industry and Commerce awarded the newly elected president, and the newly elected president awarded the council members.
The newly elected president made a statement, he said, first, the electric business association to close unity, to overcome all the difficulties faced in the development of enterprises and industry development; second, to fully develop democracy, service member enterprises, seek win-win cooperation; third, the association work to be fair, open and transparent, win trust, and gradually improve the influence of the association; fourth, to strengthen learning, to keep pace with the times, the association to become a first-class electric business Association; five is to do more practical things, for the majority of members to fight for more benefits; six is to obey the leadership, strengthen communication with government departments at all levels to ensure the healthy development of the Association.
Leaders at the meeting expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of the e-commerce industry association, requiring the association to conscientiously perform its duties, effectively strengthen industry self-discipline, further regulate industry behavior, effectively safeguard the common legitimate interests of the industry, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the e-commerce industry.

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