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Summer sleep which mat good 5 kinds of mat advantages and disadvantages and the applicable population

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 Summer temperatures are high, want to sleep well, but once you lie down, you feel hot underneath! In order to have a cool good sleep, in addition to turn on the air conditioning, but also to buy a cool mat. What kind of mats are available on the market? The Sleep Channel reminds us that there are many types of mats on the market, with different effects and performance, and for different groups of people. There are some people who are not suitable for sleeping on a cooler due to health problems. Want to sleep healthy, you may want to sleep with the channel to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the 5 kinds of mat and the applicable population.
A, cool summer sleep to have a cool mat which you suitable for a cool mat?
How can a good summer sleep without a mat. What are the coolers on the market? The Sleep Channel reminds us that there are many types of mats on the market, but their effects and performance vary, as do the people for whom they are suitable. If you want to sleep healthily, you may want to learn about mats with the Sleep Channel.
1、Straw mat is soft, cooler and suitable for children
The material is soft and has a strong affinity with the skin, and the coolness is low, which is loved by the elderly and the weak. Experts say that babies and young children try to sleep on grass mats, because their nervous system has not yet developed, the thermoregulatory function is weak, the adaptability to hot and cold is poor, bamboo and cowhide mats are often easy to make children cold, should not be selected. When sleeping, try to cover with a small quilt, and then wear thin pants.
However, a major drawback of straw mats is that they are easy to grow mites. Before using a new straw mat, try to expose it to sunlight, repeatedly pat it several times, and then wipe off the dust with warm water, and then dry it in a cool place. The next year, when the old straw mat is used again, it should be wiped with disinfectant water, or wash away the mold with soap and water; the straw mat used every day will be stained with sweat or dust, and should be wiped with warm water before going to bed.
Sleep Channel reminds: grass mats are prone to insects, so wipe the front and back with a wet towel before storage, put it in a ventilated place to dry, then wrap it with dry paper and put it in a storage cabinet, and pay attention to avoid moisture.
2、Bamboo mats are cool and suitable for people with hot bodies
Bamboo mats are cool, durable, and affordable for the people. From its variety can be divided into water bamboo mat, mahjong mat, bamboo silk mat and bamboo mat, and so on, and according to the material used in bamboo mat, bamboo mat can be divided into green mat, yellow mat, flower mat and dyed gabion mat. You should choose the "head green mat" with long and flat bamboo joints, thin fiber and soft and tough texture. Head green is the first gabion, which is cool and soft.
As far as people's preferences are concerned, there are many people who like water bamboo mats and mahjong mats. The water bamboo mat is made of water bamboo, which has the reputation of being as thin as paper, as clear as jade, as flat as water, and as soft as silk. Water bamboo mat good quality, soft and comfortable, but also very cool, the mat surface clean and neat, smooth and lustrous, looks very fine aesthetic, so generally can be used as a bed decoration. The mahjong mat is more familiar to everyone. This is a very cool bamboo mat, touching it can feel its forced coolness, and this mat has good breathability and moisture absorption, even after a full night's sleep, its mat surface is very dry and cool. However, this kind of mat is heavy, not easy to carry and move.
Daily maintenance is appropriate to use warm water and light salt water repeatedly alternating wipe, can prevent insects, anti-cracking bamboo mat. Do not sunbathe, and put it in the shade to blow dry on hot days. Before storing, you can use a cloth dipped in prickly heat powder to wipe the mat to keep it lubricated, then built-in absorbent paper, wrapped in plastic film to seal it.
3、Rattan mat, suitable for the elderly and children
Rattan mat is one of the world's oldest varieties of furniture. A well-made rattan mat can be used for decades, economical, more sweat-absorbent and breathable than the general bamboo and straw mats, rattan skin is not easy to break, flexible, can be folded and placed, heat dissipation and cool. There is no chemical pollution from the collection of raw materials to the completion of the product, which protects the green color of the product, and people with rheumatism and back pain can't stop using it.
Rattan mat has the effect of "warming dryness and cooling blood, removing spleen and fire", whether it is for children or the elderly, it has a sleeping effect. The concave and convex surface has a massage effect on the body, strong sweat absorption, non-sticky skin, and good breathability. When the temperature drops, it is not icy and suitable for the skin.
Sleep Channel reminds: Since the rattan mat is a fully handmade product, there will be burrs on the surface of the new rattan mat. This belongs to the fiber of rattan skin, which is produced during the production process. Because the rattan is not polished and painted, the new rattan mat feels a little rough when it is first used, and individual skin sensitivities will have the feeling of zapping. However, these burrs naturally fall off and disappear in the process of use, and the more you use it, the smoother it becomes.
4、Linen mat, suitable for the elderly and children
Linen is a bundle of fibers, with a spindle-shaped structure and pectinous beveled edge hole, and skin contact will produce the phenomenon of capillary pores. It opens up when heated, the absorbed sweat and heat can be quickly conducted out, when cold is closed, save heat, which has excellent breathability, moisture absorption and moisture wicking, room temperature can make the body's real temperature drop about 4 ℃, there is a "plant air conditioning" reputation. The coolness is moderate, suitable for the elderly and children. In addition, the linen mat also has the advantage of good hygiene, can inhibit the growth of fungi and microorganisms.
It can be washed in water, and it is recommended not to machine wash, especially not to use the dehydration function. When washing by hand, soak the mat for 10 minutes, taking care not to wring it out hard and dry it naturally. When it is almost dry, use a medium temperature steam iron to iron flat.
5, cowhide mat heat dissipation is good for people who love to sweat
Cowhide cooler refers to the use of the first layer of buffalo skin as raw materials, the use of tanning raw materials that have no harmful effect on the human body, combined with the advanced tanning process made of buffalo skin cooler. Meet this several indicators, cowhide cooler is the real meaning of the buffalo skin cooler.
Buffalo leather pores are coarse, loose fibers, rough surface and obvious turtle lines and neck wrinkles. With four major functions such as breathable, heat dissipation, sweat absorption and moisture resistance, it is cool and comfortable. Cowhide mat avoids the shortcomings of general mat hard, rough and stuffy, and the surface is flat and not easy to hide dirt. After a scientific process, anti-mold, lifelong insect-free, the use of years up to fifty years, the longer you use the more cool, soft and smooth.
Buffalo leather fiber tissue does not irritate the skin, has the name of air conditioning, and has a soothing function for the old and frail, periarthritis and arthritis patients. Traditional bamboo mat temperature will change more with the rise and fall of the temperature, buffalo skin is a warm product, its own temperature with the external temperature change is smaller.
Sleep Channel reminds: cowhide mat is more delicate, avoid being scratched by hard objects, while washing and sunlight is also a big taboo. Before storing, first wipe gently with a wet towel, dry and then roll up and put it away. To protect the leather, you can also use a professional care agent to maintain its luster.
Sleep Channel tips for mat selection skills: when selecting a mat, you should first lay the mat flat to see whether the weave of the mat is tight, and if it is a good quality mat, the entire surface will not appear unevenly elastic, thick and thin, exposed tendons and broken edges, etc.
Second, the mat use skills
Newly purchased or long-term mat is prone to mites, should be soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes, and then dried and used.
Wipe the mat with warm water every day before going to bed, it will be cooler to sleep on.
If you use a straw mat, you need to watch carefully for allergies; if you use a bamboo mat, you can lay a bed sheet. Human dander and dust will fall into the cracks of the mat, so in addition to wiping with warm water before going to bed, the mat should be frequently washed and dried with soapy water.
Third, who should not sleep on the cool mat?
Experts say that it is not advisable to sleep on a cool mat when you get cold and wind, because the low temperature of the cool mat will make the pores of the skin contract, which is not conducive to the discharge of sweat and may aggravate the condition. People with weak constitution, Yang Qi deficiency, stomach cold or joint pain should not sleep on a cool mat.
Chinese medicine believes that the cool mat is cold, too much use will damage Yang Qi, especially the bamboo cool mat is more cold, not only will aggravate the disease, but also against the principle of "spring and summer Yang". People suffering from septic skin disease should not sleep on cool mats. Women should not sleep on cool mats during menstruation; because too cold will affect the smooth flow of menstrual blood, especially those who have dysmenorrhea, and should use less or no cool mats.

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