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The birthplace of the water bamboo cooler

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History: Yiyang is located in the northern part of Hunan Province, downstream of Zishui Water and near Dongting Lake, and is the hometown of water bamboo cooler in China. Yiyang has fertile land and mild climate, which is suitable for the growth of water bamboo. Especially Maozhu Lake is the water bamboo base of the mat township. According to historical records, as early as during the Yuan Dynasty, farmers around Maozhu Lake already used the slender, tough and soft water bamboo to break into gabions to weave the mats. All the farmers in this area weave mats, and the young girls who are handy are the best weavers.
        Features: The advantages of Yiyang water bamboo mats are: neat edges, beautiful color, tightly woven, durable, and can dissipate heat and sweat. The water bamboo produced in Dongting Lake is slender, likes shade and humidity, and has particularly good water absorption, so the bamboo body is cool. After the mat is broken, it still maintains its original characteristics and strengths. People lie on the bamboo mat, sweat is absorbed by the bamboo silk, body temperature drops, so that people feel the breeze coming up, sweat seeped into the bamboo silk, bamboo silk more warm and cool. Therefore, the water bamboo cooler mat that has been used for a long time has good heat dissipation and sweat collection performance, and the more you sleep, the cooler it is.

        Craftsmanship: Yiyang bamboo mats go through thirteen processes from cutting bamboo, material, breaking gabions, drawing, steaming to weaving and locking edges, and all of them are operated by hand. Especially, the gabions are steamed, so the mat is soft and not easy to break, and it does not give birth to bamboo dust insects. If used with care, a water bamboo mat can be enjoyed for 20 to 30 years.
        Note: The mat should be kept flat, and no clothes or books should be placed under the mat to avoid folding and wrinkling. After waking up every day, wipe the mat surface with a wet towel to reduce the inorganic salt left by sweat; after wiping with a wet cloth, do not put it under the hot sun to avoid becoming brittle, but put it in the back shade or ventilation to dry; the mat should not be soaked in water and brushed. Before collecting, please wipe it with a dry cloth and dry it in the sun. Avoid direct sunlight for a long time and placing it in a humid place.

        The word "happy" means that there are auspicious words with double happiness compiled on the mat, or other patterns can be compiled!

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