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The Ninth China Bamboo Culture Festival and the First Sichuan International Bamboo Products Trade Fair

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Host Country: Mainland China
Exhibition Date: 2016-10-12 ~ 2016-10-14
Registration deadline: 2016-9-20
Exhibiting Place (Pavilion): Qing Shen County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, Fortune Center

Approved by.
Organized by: State Forestry Administration, International Organization for Bamboo and Rattan, Sichuan Provincial People's Government
Organized by: People's Government of Meishan City, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Forestry Department, China Bamboo Industry Association
Support Co-organizers: National People's Congress Environment and Resources Protection Committee, China National Supply and Marketing Cooperative, WWF, The Nature Conservancy, EU-China Agricultural Center, Shanghai Transnational Purchasing Center, Sichuan Building Decoration Association, Sichuan Furniture Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Sichuan Interior Decoration Association, Sichuan Chain Store Association, Sichuan Arts and Crafts Industry Association, Sichuan Crafts Import and Export Company, Sichuan Federation of Industry and Commerce Gift Industry Chamber of Commerce, Sichuan Rural Tourism Association, Chengdu Retailers Association

Introduction: China is the country of "bamboo civilization" and is one of the countries with the most abundant bamboo resources and the longest history of bamboo cultivation in the world. Bamboo not only has important ecological and economic values, but also has important historical and cultural values.
China Bamboo Culture Festival is a large-scale, high-profile and influential international bamboo event in China, which has been held eight times since 1997 in Anji, Zhejiang Province, Yiyang, Hunan Province, Yibin, Sichuan Province, Xianning, Hubei Province, Wuyishan, Fujian Province, Yichun, Jiangxi Province, Yixing, Jiangsu Province and Huangshan, Anhui Province.
The ninth China Bamboo Culture Festival is the first national level since the establishment of the city of Meishan to host the festival activities, in the State Forestry Administration, the International Organization of Bamboo and Rattan and the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, the strong leadership of the provincial government and the strong support of the relevant departments, set the strength of all parties, the county, the city's efforts to do a good bamboo fair, bamboo culture festival, to ensure that the level, the characteristics, the effectiveness of the event.
The first Sichuan International Bamboo Products Trade Fair (bamboo fair for short) is the core part of the Ninth China Bamboo Culture Festival and the most important symbol of the success of the festival. The best business card and window for external promotion.
Target audience composition.
National leaders.
Leaders of the State Forestry Administration and relevant ministries, leaders of provinces, cities and counties.
Delegations from national bamboo industry regions, delegations from China's bamboo township, delegations from special bamboo townships.
Representatives of International Bamboo and Rattan Organization member countries and ambassadors of relevant countries in China.
Representatives of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization Board Meeting and China Bamboo Industry Association members.
Delegations of governments of developed regions of international bamboo industry, heads of various industry associations (chambers of commerce).
Representatives of enterprises at home and abroad in the production, processing, marketing and scientific research of bamboo products.
Representatives of domestic and foreign enterprises involved in culture, creativity, tourism and other aspects of the bamboo industry.
Representatives of international important buyers, traders and agents, distributors, etc.
Special target buyers, provincial and municipal regional agents, wholesale (circulation) enterprises, the national large shopping (selling) stores (Wal-Mart, Metro, Goodwill, Ito, Wangfujing field) art and gift department responsible, the tourist attractions, special ancient town craft gift stores, stores, retailers, group purchasing, etc.
Bamboo industry e-commerce (Internet +), bamboo industry "double" personnel.
Bamboo research institutions, universities and colleges, training institutions, media reporters.
Tourism enthusiasts, direct consumers.

At the same time, there will be from the national leaders, the Ministry of Forestry and other relevant national ministries and commissions, the provincial forestry department and other provincial departments, as well as the brother provinces and municipalities forestry departments, industry gathering area responsible, bamboo field well-known experts and scholars, domestic wholesale markets, dealers, farmers' professional cooperatives, large supermarket representatives, as well as the majority of urban and rural residents, tourism enthusiasts, about 200,000 people to visit the meeting, to achieve the invitation of 200 e-commerce, 300 buyers, 30 merchants. 300 buyers, 30 merchants (stores) in charge, 20 related industries (associations) in charge, 500 agents and dealers of the quantitative goal, the Bamboo Expo to become a global visibility and important influence of the first-class professional bamboo industry event.

Scope of the exhibition: Bamboo Expo is expected to have an exhibition area of 12000 square meters, about 600 international standard booths, 300 exhibitors, divided into nine exhibition areas.
1. "China Bamboo Weaving Art Township" exhibition area
The exhibition area will be in the form of special booths, focusing on the overall image of the host "Qing Shen bamboo weaving" as a national intangible cultural heritage, "the hometown of bamboo weaving art in China".
2. International Exhibition Area
Inviting organizations from Canada, Germany, the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions representing the world's latest bamboo crafts, bamboo products, technology and information
3.Bamboo Daily Products Zone
We will focus on inviting famous bamboo fiber bathroom series from China's top ten bamboo towns; bamboo fiber clothing and apparel; bamboo charcoal pillows, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo door curtains, bamboo mats, bamboo kitchenware, bamboo farming tools and other daily necessities of bamboo enterprises to exhibit.
4.Bamboo structure and decoration exhibition area
The leading bamboo flooring, bamboo furniture, bamboo building, bamboo gatehouse, bamboo promenade, bamboo villa, bamboo carpet, bamboo curtain, bamboo gazebo, bamboo house, bamboo decoration and other enterprises are invited to exhibit.
5. Bamboo handicraft exhibition area
Bamboo artworks from all over the country (bamboo weaving Qingming Riverside, bamboo national treasure panda painting, 3D printing bamboo artwork, etc.) and bamboo lanterns, bamboo gift packaging boxes, bamboo bicycles, bamboo wall paintings, bamboo vases, bamboo art necklaces, bamboo root carvings, bamboo fans and other bamboo art famous enterprises will be invited to exhibit.
6. Bamboo raw materials and processing machinery exhibition area
All kinds of raw bamboo (moso bamboo, water bamboo, nan bamboo, etc.), bamboo seedlings, as well as bamboo chips, bamboo wire, bamboo poles and other bamboo raw materials enterprises, as well as the latest technology and techniques of bamboo processing and bamboo artwork innovation, and bamboo equipment and technology such as bamboo sawing machines, slicing machines, weaving machines, steaming equipment, etc.
7. University students "dual innovation" and science education media exhibition area
Responding to the national call of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", the exhibition will showcase the innovation and wisdom of contemporary college students and convey positive social energy. Domestic and foreign bamboo industry famous scientific research institutions, major bamboo industry colleges and famous professional media, etc.
8. Bamboo food and rural culture tourism exhibition area
With fresh bamboo shoots, dried bamboo, bamboo bucket rice, bamboo cans, bamboo leaf food and local specialties of Qing Shen and Meishan as well as unique cultural tourism and foreign food on the same stage, taste Chinese and foreign specialties and create a joyful festival atmosphere.
9. Supporting activities exhibition area
Bamboo one-to-one trade matching, bamboo Internet marketing strategy lectures, "bamboo fiber clothing and apparel fashion model show", "bamboo also life classical culture lectures", bamboo AR interactive physical games, bamboo charity sales and donations, lottery activities, a variety of bamboo games (climbing bamboo pole, bamboo pole dance, bamboo archery competition, bamboo horse riding competition, etc.) very local characteristics of rural cultural performances and other activities held in this exhibition area.

Charges: The exhibition is government-led, and booth fees and decoration costs are free.
Note: Please apply in advance for special booths, which will be designed and built by exhibitors or entrusted to the engineering department of the organizing committee.

On-site activities: bamboo one-to-one trade matching, bamboo Internet marketing strategy lectures, "bamboo fiber clothing and apparel fashion model show", "bamboo also life classical culture lectures", bamboo AR interactive physical games, bamboo charity sales and donations, lottery activities, various bamboo games (climbing bamboo pole, bamboo pole dance, bamboo archery competition, bamboo horse riding competition, etc.) local characteristics of rural cultural performances and other activities held in this exhibition area The bamboo charity sale and raffle, various bamboo games (bamboo pole climbing, bamboo pole dancing, bamboo archery competition, bamboo horse riding competition, etc.) with local characteristics of rural culture are held in this exhibition area.

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