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The Spirit of Bamboo

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Bamboo is strong, fresh, vibrant and vigorous. When the spring breeze has not yet melted the remaining winter cold, new bamboo shoots quietly sprout on the ground, after a spring rain, bamboo shoots break through the soil and point to the clouds. When the spring breeze brushes away the layers of bamboo shoots, she stands like a lively little girl in the bright spring light. In the summer, she stretches her long arms, shaking up a rich green veil, dancing in the wind, jingna. When the summer is over and the cold is over, she is still green and lush, smiling at the wind, frost, snow and rain. No wonder Bai Juyi left such a good line in "Bamboo in the Window": "A thousand flowers and a hundred grasses wither away, and stay to see in the snow." Bamboo has a spring that never disappears

The pine tree reminds people of aspirants; the plantain reminds people of beauty; the tall acacia tree reminds people of generals; and the bamboo reminds people of hermits. Bamboo light and delicate, evergreen, although there are a hundred tender feelings, but never to be popular, not to mention overbearing, modest and strong section, simple and unpretentious is her character. Bamboo does not bloom, light and elegant, spotless, she does not want to gorgeous, not seeking a false name of natural nature for the world to fall in love. The Qing Dynasty poet Zheng Xie praised this: "a section and a section, a thousand schools save ten thousand leaves; I do not bloom, lest the bees and butterflies." Bamboo is free of distractions, willing to solitude, she does not seek to hear in the mangled forest, not admire the lively in the mountains, thousands of years have passed, but finally into the sea of climate

 When you look at the bamboo forest, it is like a team and a row of regiments of horses and flies, and when you walk along the lush bamboo lanes, the bamboo leaves gently brush your face, and it looks so gentle, quiet and elegant. This is another character of bamboo, which can be flexible and flexible. "Do not mind the snow pressure low head, the red sun returns, that is, the sky; do not say that the soil buried section short, the green tip after exposure, the vertical stab the sky." This couplet speaks to the broad-mindedness and open-mindedness of bamboo.

 Even in the difficult conditions of the broken rock, bamboo can survive; she does not ask for, only dedication. The life of bamboo is a life of dedication. Bamboo shoots make delicacies for human consumption; bamboo shoots sewn cloth shoes, endure humiliation, silently bear the torment. Bamboo mats made of bamboo, bamboo furniture, bamboo glue board, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo hall, bamboo craft, etc. to have all. In Chengning Bamboo Township, Su Dongpo's saying "I would rather eat without meat than live without bamboo" speaks of the inseparable relationship between the people of Bamboo Township and bamboo. Bamboo country people play bamboo umbrella, wear bamboo hats, live in bamboo buildings, sit in bamboo chairs, sleep in bamboo beds, eat bamboo shoots ...... bamboo also with her residual school yam tied into brooms, for human dirt removal, is the bamboo foam, bamboo head, etc., also in the stove bottom burning, play light and heat. A couplet reads, "Although the bamboo head of a small meal stove bottom cooking delicacies, although small utensils household kitchen to bucket." Bamboo and human beings have formed an inseparable bond, and bamboo has dedicated itself to all of mankind. This is really "out of the world to give people benefit, donate their bodies also proud."

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