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How to Determine if a Bamboo Mahjong Mat is Good Quality or Not

December 22,2023

The  bamboo mahjong mats  are becoming more and more popular these days, you may be interested in getting one for yourself. However, buying something new can also bring some worries. The main worry is “whether the product is worth the price I pay for it or not” is always on the top of the list.


To ease your mind, you need to check the quality of the product. you may not be familiar with the proper methods for a quality check, since this is your first time buying bamboo mahjong mats. You may wonder if there is any way to tell the quality of a bamboo mat.

• Fortunately, there are two simple ways to do that. You can use some common materials to perform quality tests. The results are fast and easy to comprehend.

To test the quality of bamboo mahjong mats, you will need the following items:




Tissue or cloth

Bamboo sheet


Bamboo mahjong mats  are made from bamboo that has been processed, baked, and polished to make it more durable. The bamboo chips that are used in the bamboo mahjong mats have a different quality than the raw bamboo.

• A sign of high-quality bamboo mahjong mats is that the color of the bamboo chips does not change. The coffee or yellow color stays the same no matter what you apply to the bamboo mahjong mats. This can help you distinguish high-quality bamboo mats from low-quality ones.

Here are two easy and fast ways to test the quality of bamboo mahjong mats:

Method 1

Fill a glass with water

Put the bamboo chips in the water for a while

If the bamboo mahjong mat is of low quality, you will see the color of the bamboo sheet will fade in the water. If this does not happen, you can be assured that your bamboo mahjong mat is of high quality


Note: This method is useful if you want to compare a low and high-quality bamboo mahjong mat at the same time. Put the bamboo chips from both mats in the water. This is important for accurate results.

Method 2

Apply some detergent on the bamboo mahjong mat.

Rub and wipe it with a tissue or cloth.

Check if the tissue or cloth gets the color of the bamboo mat or not.

Pro Tip: Do not use bleach or any harsh detergent for this method. Remember that you are doing a quality check. So, you should use quality testers, not destroyers.

After the quality test, you should remember that even good quality things need good maintenance to last long. Clean your bamboo mahjong mat when needed, and do not hesitate to hire professionals if you feel the need.

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