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Production Technology of Carbonized Bamboo Mat with Wormwood

August 16,2023

It’s better to see than to hear a thousand words.

Look at it. Our fire-roasted carbonized bamboo mattress is made of real mature bamboo. Cutting bamboo is a very hard work. Split into two halves, the bamboo block is quickly punched into long bamboo strips on the punching machine, and then automatically cut into small bamboo pieces. The master in charge of drilling pours the bamboo slices into the automatic drilling machine, and the seed pieces automatically flipped and sent to the guide rail in the plate, and the full pattern is automatically inserted by the slotting knife, and then 8 high-speed drill chuck pairs drill small holes for the fishing line, and the complete seed piece blank comes out like this.


The seed slices are repeatedly polished in the water mill barrel to remove the bamboo green on the surface.

The cleaned seed slices are dried in this drying barrel until they are completely dry. The bamboo chips are used to heat the fire, and the bamboo chips are automatically rotated in the carbonization furnace. The temperature inside the carbonization furnace is constantly rising, and the carbonization is repeated at different temperatures and at different times. Piece Chroma, now ready to go out of the barrel,

Immediately inject the bamboo seed into prepared high-concentration wormwood water. The completely dehydrated and carbonized bamboo slices can quickly and fully absorb the wormwood water at high temperature, and it can flow out automatically after cooling down. No need to add dyeing agent, put in washing powder, wash repeatedly, burn to dry, repeatedly polish, add wax and polish, the color is pure, bright and shiny, and the shiny seed pieces come out like this, do you get it ?

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