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The color of Bamboo mattress ---- Glutinous beige and Brown

April 01,2024

The colors of glutinous  beige mats and brown mats  are obtained through high-temperature fire carbonization. The degree of carbonization of the glutinous beige bamboo mats is slightly lower than that of the brown bamboo mattress.



For example, The coffee-colored bamboo piece is finally formed at more than 150 degrees in the carbonization furnace, and the glutinous beige mat bamboo piece is finally formed at about 140 degrees in the carbonization furnace. In fact, it is a temperature difference of more than 10 degrees. , the color is different, and because the glutinous beige color is lighter, the carbonization time is even longer than that of the brown color, and there are more waste seed flakes, so the cost of the glutinous beige mat is higher.


For a long time, most people still like coffee-colored bamboo mats.

Our current coffee color is not too dark, it is a relatively light brown color, suitable for various home colors, whether the Chinese or European style


The lighter glutinous beige color is not as popular as the brown color. many of the glutinous beige mats have the green color of the bamboo seeds on the surface. because it is a real fire-roasted carbonized mahjong mat. This kind of mat retains the natural characteristics of bamboo as much as possible. The longer it is used, the color will become more yellow, with red in the yellow and yellow in the red. It will become more uniform and beautiful.

Chunlong’s has more than 30 years of development experience and technology, we have confidence in our products.

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